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Northern Indiana Wood Stove Changeout Program


General Residential Voucher

Administered by the American Lung Association of Indiana


Type of Appliance

Instant Credit

Approved Appliances 

EPA certified energy efficient wood-stoves:
a) New chimney installation required
b) New chimney installation not required

a) Up to $1,500
b) Up to $1,000


Gas or wood pellet energy efficient hearth appliances:
a) New chimney installation required
b) New chimney installation not required

a) Up to $2,000
b) Up to $1,200  

 See Participating Retailer

Hydronic heater retrofit kit
• Heaters must be less than 7 years old

Up to $2,000 

 See Participating Retailer

EPA Phase 2 hydronic heaters
• Only applicable to biomass wood pellets; continuous feed fuel

Up to $5,000


Natural gas boilers of 90% or higher AFUE*

Up to $2,000


Natural gas furnaces of 92% or higher AFUE*

Up to $2,000


Energy Star qualified Geothermal Heat Pumps*

Up to $5,000


*Customers purchasing natural gas appliances who are also NIPSCO natural gas customers can take advantage of additional incentives offered through NIPSCO’s Energy Efficient Rebate Program.

Do I qualify?

  • Installation or retrofit must take place within Lake, Porter, La Porte, St Joseph, Elkhart, Allen or Starke counties. 
  • The wood stove or outdoor wood-burning boiler being replaced must be a non-EPA certified or non-qualified appliance (typically manufactured in 2004 or earlier).
  • Replacement or retrofit must be purchased and installled within 30 days of the voucher issue date.
  • New appliances must be installed by a certified professional, such as a certified electrician, Registered Gas Installer (“RGI”), National Fireplace Institute (“NFI”) Professional or Chimney Safety Institute of America (“CSIA”) professional.
  • Installations and/or retrofits must be done in accordance with any applicable city or county codes/ordinances.
  • Old appliances must be recycled at a program approved recycling facility.

How to apply

  • Contact a Participating Retailer to choose the most appropriate appliance installation or retrofit for your home.
  • The Participating Retailer will provide you with a detailed cost estimate of the installation or retrofit.
  • The Participating Retailer will submit your voucher application to the program administrator to determine your eligibility.
  • Replacement or retrofits must be purchased and installed within 30 days of the voucher issue date.

Participating Retailers

The Program is available through these local retailers.

Interested in becoming a Participating Retailer?

Please review and complete the Participating Retailer Agreement Form.



Meghan McNulty
(317) 819-1181 Ext. 237