Custom Natural Gas Incentive Program

For Existing Facilities


  • Retrofit of existing equipment/systems
  • Replacement of existing equipment/systems

The Custom Natural Gas Program offers financial incentives to qualifying, non-transport-only,
Commercial, Industrial, Non-Profit, Government and Institutional Customers to facilitate the completion
of cost-effective, energy efficiency projects involving the installation of new, high-efficiency equipment or
systems. NIPSCO has partnered with Franklin Energy Services, LLC who will administer the program.

What type of projects qualify

  • Process Efficiency Changes
  • Heating System Replacement/Upgrade
  • Burner Optimization
  • Energy Recovery Ventilators
  • Energy Management Systems
  • High Efficiency Burners
  • Combustion Air Pre-Heaters

For a full list of specifications, see the Natural Gas Program Application below. 

Who Qualifies

  • An eligible Customer is any non-transport-only business or non-profit organization served under
    NIPSCO’s natural gas tariffs 421, 425, and 451. 
  • Do not begin the project until approved. Project approval is required before incentive eligibility will
    be granted.
  • Submitting a Request for Approval form does not guarantee an incentive will be approved.
  • Incentives are based on natural gas reductions in therms through qualified efficiency improvements at
    a rate of $0.60/therm. 
  • Energy reductions must be well documented with auditable calculations. 
  • Simple payback without incentive must be one (1) year or greater.
  • Complete Terms and Conditions may be found on the application form.

How to Apply

Step 1 - pdf Request for Approval

Step 2 - NIPSCO Reviews Application Form
Upon receipt of your Request for Approval Application form, NIPSCO will determine if your project qualifies.

Step 3 – pdf Custom Installation Agreement

Step 4 – Complete Your Approved Project

Step 5  pdf Completion Form 

Have Questions?

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