NIPSCO Alerts help keep you up to date on things that could affect you and your account, including power outage status updates and payment reminders. Sign up to receive alerts via text, email or phone, and you can change your preferences at any time.

Alert Options:

Power Outage Alerts: Receive updates on the cause of your power outage and estimated restoration times.

Bill Due Alerts: Receive a reminder of your bill due date so you never miss your due date.

Subscribing is free* and easy. Get started by clicking the link below to log into your account. If you haven’t yet registered, grab a copy of your most recent bill statement and register now to gain access to this and other helpful tools to manage your NIPSCO account.

Sign Up for Alerts

  *Please note: NIPSCO does not charge for alerts, however your carrier may charge text messaging and data rates depending on your mobile plan.