Reporting a Power Outage

Online: Report an outage online

Mobile Device:

Text: Text "Out" to 444111.

  • You will receive text responses confirming your address and contact information. NIPSCO does not charge for any texts, however your carrier may charge text messaging and data rates depending on your mobile plan. Never text while driving.

Phone: Call 1-800-4-NIPSCO (or 1-800-464-7726) 24 hours a day to report an electrical power outage.

Sign up for Power Outage Alerts: Receive updates and estimated restoration times when your power goes out. Get started by signing into your online account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my power go out?

Trees are the leading cause of power outages, but cars hitting poles, animals getting into electrical equipment and weather conditions can all have an impact on interruptions to your service.

Do you reimburse for lost food in my refrigerator/freezer?

We will accept claims for losses from power outages caused by NIPSCO. However, storms are considered an act of nature, and NIPSCO does not reimburse customers for damages to property or food spoilage.

Why do my neighbors have power and I don't?

There are two likely causes. Either your home or business is tied to a different electric circuit/line than your neighbor. Or, there might be a situation only affecting your home/business that requires your attention - such as your circuit breaker or weatherhead.

Am I a priority to be restored if I have life support?

We are not able to provide priority response to life support/medical equipment members in the restoration process. This makes it imperative that members with special needs take precautions in case the power is out for extended periods of time.

Why are there leftover branches and debris left in my yard?

During routine, scheduled tree trimming work, our crews do clean up debris left behind. However, when crews work on damaged trees during storms, they focus on repairs that are critical to our facilities and to restoring power and do not clean up or remove branches and debris that may be left behind. Contact your local municipal officials for more information on storm debris disposal.

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Did You Know?
Trees are the number one cause of power outages. We regularly trim trees and inspect lines for tree contact to prevent issues before a storm hits.