NIPSCO Inclusion & Diversity

Cultivating & Advancing an Inclusive Environment
A diverse and inclusive environment is an essential component of NIPSCO’s success, and it begins with cultivating our own internal culture to better reflect the customers and communities we serve.

We strongly believe that diverse employees provide the cornerstone of innovation on which companies often depend to remain competitive. In fact, research reveals that a multicultural workforce translates into a richer variety of approaches to work-related problems and processes.

A focus on diversity and inclusion efforts strengthens an organization’s ability to respond to changing environments and demands.  And, by having diverse backgrounds and experiences, it provides a catalyst for increased innovation.

Through our initiatives, including the establishment of an Inclusion & Diversity Council at NIPSCO, we are working to incorporate diversity in everything that we do.  From strategizing ways to attract and retain top employees to partnering with the most talented suppliers and contractors, it is vital that we continue preparing ourselves for the future.

We are also proud of our ongoing support and commitment to associations like the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE), which offers leaders the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. As an organization dedicated to ensuring African Americans and other minorities have a voice in the development of energy policies and regulations, research and development technologies and in the discussion of environmental issues, we’re proud to be a part of their work.

At NIPSCO, we recognize that if we want to see improved business results, we must tap into the rich and varied experiences of our workforce to create more dynamic, innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers and employees.