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ED Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any incentives to help bring an expansion or new business to NIPSCO territory?

    We work closely with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) and our regional and local economic development partners. As part of the total incentive package, NIPSCO may be able to offer an Economic Development Rider (EDR) on incremental electric load considering our electric territory. Please refer to (link to the EDR section of the website) for details.
  • Does NIPSCO have any energy efficiency incentives?

    We have energy efficiency incentives for both natural gas and electric usages. Please refer to the Energy Efficiency section of the website for details.
  • Is there a way to find out what electric and natural gas infrastructure is serving a building or in the vicinity of a site that I'm considering for a potential expansion or location?

    We can help you with that information. Please give Cindy a call at 219.647.5949 or send her an e-mail at cadmave@nisource.com. We will need your contact information and the address of the location you are interested in. If you can provide the estimated required natural gas and electric loads, that would also be helpful.
  • Is there any charge to bring electric or natural gas to my facility?

    Any development project considering location in NIPSCO’s service territory is evaluated independently to allow our engineers to perform an infrastructure analysis based specifically on that project’s natural gas and electric requirements.  The engineering evaluation will determine what natural gas or electric infrastructure will be required to meet those requirements.  This analysis can generally be completed in five to seven days or less. Prior to beginning any electric or natural gas infrastructure construction, normally NIPSCO requires that the customer open  an  account  with  us,  sign  a  guarantee  of   margin  contract  and  provide  an  up-front construction deposit to cover the new infrastructure costs.  The guarantee of margin contract states that the new infrastructure costs will be covered in electric margin to NIPSCO based on a six (6) year NPV calculation.    This construction deposit may be refunded when the meter is turned on.
  • What are your rates?

    You may request a high level rate quote on our website, or view our tariffs here.