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Current News

Marshall County Announces First-Ever Strategic Plan

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
The Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) recently launched the county’s first-ever long range strategic plan with a strong focus on guiding new growth initiatives and diversifying the county economy.Bill Davis, President of the MCEDC Board of Directors, said the plan will “act as a blueprint for MCEDC for the next 5 to 10 years” and that it is meant to be a “living plan” subject to periodic adjustments based on best practices and organizational metrics.

While many organizations take a year or more to formulate a plan such as this, MCEDC worked aggressively to develop theirs over a single summer. But don’t think that the condensed timetable means a condensed strategy. It’s more accurate to see it as a reflection of MCEDC’s ambition and drive, with forty-two BEAR (Business Expansion and Retention) interviews conducted since June and a newly redesigned website launched just recently.

The plan highlights four programs in particular, including:

•BEAR – MCEDC will use best practices and a structured interview process to uncover expansion opportunities and to improve the business climate
•Business Attraction – MCEDC will market the county and develop its assets for targeted industries to expand the well-established industrial corridor
•Entrepreneurial Hub – MCEDC will act as a catalyst to cultivate regional innovation and entrepreneurship
• Workforce Development Program – MCEDC will work with its partners to develop an immediate plan to maintain the availability of skilled workers
Jerry Chavez, Executive Director
Marshall County Economic Development Corporation