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Governor Pence’s State of the State Highlights

Monday, February 16, 2015

“We’ve balanced budgets, funded our priorities, maintained strong reserves and still passed the largest state tax cut in Indiana history,” he continued, highlighting accomplishments including:

  • A fast falling unemployment rate, now at 5.7%
  • The addition of 100,000 private sector jobs in the past two years, and nearly more Hoosiers working than ever before
  • First-ever state funding for pre-kindergarten education
  • Now home to the largest educational voucher program in America
  • More than $800 million in new funding for roadway infrastructure repair and improvements.

Governor Pence credited the people of Indiana for these accomplishments and their representatives in the state legislature.  Moving from accomplishments to new goals, Pence kept the focus squarely on the state budget, education and Indiana’s infrastructure, with proposals including:

  • “An honestly balanced budget that holds the line on spending, maintains strong reserves and funds our priorities with no new debt”
  • An amendment to the state constitution requiring a balanced budget henceforth
  • Further simplifying the tax code
  • Pursue an “all of the above” energy strategy that embraces efficiency but does not turn its back on coal as a resource
  • Greater investment in roadways
  • Focus on regional strategies for development
  • Increasing tuition support by $200 million over the next two years
  • Provide another $63 million for performance bonuses to teachers, because “you get more good teachers by paying good teachers more”
  • Continuing to fund and support career and technical education (CTE)
  • Supporting the Healthy Indiana Plan, Indiana’s own healthcare system instead of submitting to the strings attached to Obamacare

Mike Pence, Governor
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