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Zooming in on ZoomProspector

Monday, February 16, 2015

ZoomProspector, a product of GIS Planning Inc., is a leading geographic information system technology application that towns, regions, LEDOs and states can participate in to put themselves on the map when it comes to getting noticed by site selectors and businesses looking to expand or relocate.

GIS Planning’s products are already in use by over 17,000 cities throughout 40 states, providing an incredibly detailed look at the crucial information needed to make decisions of this magnitude. In NIPSCO's service territory, the majority of communities and regions participate.

When communities sign up, their information about available sites, local demographics, traffic patterns and even economic incentive zones in cities is made available through ZoomProspector’s sophisticated, multi-layered mapping system. That information is added to regional and state applications too, so when businesses start looking, your community will show up if it matches the criteria they set.

Communities can embed the tool on the website, making it as easy as possible for selectors to find the information they need and get your community on the short list when otherwise you might never even know they were looking in the first place.

On the business side, companies have free access to the national search tool. A wide range of criteria can be input from the start, so little time is wasted looking at sites that don’t match your needs. From building dimensions, features, nearby population details and education and wage data, it’s all easily accessible starting from the national level and going down to small towns. Even radius tools are included, so searching by drive time or by other businesses in the area is a breeze. Heat maps of various search criteria are another useful visual aid.

Through it all, ZoomProspector continues to work to make connecting businesses with communities easier and easier. They recently made mobile versions available so site selectors on the go can still find the details they need wherever they are. In fact, according to the company ZoomProspector is the only mobile-optimized site analysis tool in the industry today.

Working through the full web versions, presentation-ready reports and analysis can be exported from the tool so it’s easy to go from hunting to closing.

Whether you are finding or trying to be found, if ZoomProspector isn’t part of your approach already, maybe it’s time to take a look.

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