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Current News

Shell and Shovel Ready in Marshall County

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

“This shell building provides the flexibility required by potential tenants while also streamlining the normal time for construction,” Marshall County Economic Development Corporation (MCEDC) Executive Director Jerry Chavez said. And according to him, there has been growing interest by companies seeking to expand in north central Indiana. As summer approaches, that interest will continue to increase, and this building offers a focal point for those businesses.

The MCEDC worked with the City of Plymouth, where the building is located, and other partners to make this project a reality in a relatively short time and in such a way that everyone stands to benefit. The building is zoned for light industrial. If you’re in need of something heavier, Marshall County is also proud to report that their industrial site in Argos, IN has been certified “Shovel Ready” by the State of Indiana, establishing that the site already meets state requirements so that new projects can begin quickly.

“The [shell building] and Argo’s shovel-ready site allow these communities to respond to businesses seeking to expand into Marshall County in a rapid fashion,” Chavez said when asked about the advantages of having assets such as these. He added that, “these offerings are the core of our product development focus, allowing Marshall County EDC to work towards meeting the business needs of industry with sites and buildings that offer strategic business advantages in a timely manner.”

You can view more information on each of these properties in the FeatureED Properties section of this issue.

Jerry Chavez, Executive Director
Marshall County Economic Development Corporation

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