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Current News

Steuben County Joins the Promise Indiana Initiative

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Promise Indiana is a college and career readiness program that was started in Wabash County in 2013. The idea is to get the conversation going with young students about their dreams and then help show them—and their parents—how to make those dreams a reality.

Since it is just joining the program this year, Steuben County’s efforts will be focused on younger students and will help them establish a “college saver identity,” with the initial incentive of a $25 enrollment bonus when families start a savings account for their student.

“Students who have their own savings accounts are seven times more likely to attend college. They feel excited about their future and are engaged in what’s going on in the classroom,” said Cling Kugler, CEO of the Wabash County YMCA as well as Promise Indiana co-founder. “We are creating hope for these students, and we’re excited that communities like Steuben County are showing the passion to invest in youth and prepare them for those futures.”

Setting up that savings account is only the first step for Promise Indiana. The program educates parents about CollegeChoice 529 savings plans, which can be used toward two- and four-year degrees and can get as much as a $1,000 tax credit for contributing to it each year. Additionally, students will:

  • Visit Trine University to make “college” more than just a word they hear from their teachers and parents
  • Have each step toward furthering their educational dreams be celebrated along the way to encourage them to keep working towards reaching those goals
  • Be supported by a community of “champions” including businesses, churches, organizations and individuals who will contribute to the students’ education savings accounts. At certain levels, those contributions will be boosted by a grant that will match contributions.

David Koenig, Executive Director
Steuben County Economic Development Corporation

Promise Indiana