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Current News

High Marks for Indiana in CEO Survey

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The annual survey was completed by 511 CEOs across the United States. It takes into account three main categories for each state:

  1. Taxes and regulations
  2. Quality of the workforce
  3. Living environment, which includes consideration for education, cost of living, affordable housing, social amenities and crime rates

One CEO remarked that “the good states ask what they can do for you; the bad states ask what they can get from you.” On that basis, it seems that the majority of CEOs see a “good state” when they look at Indiana, which came in at #6 again this year, and was the only Midwest state in the top 10. “California and Oregon are essentially anti-business,” lamented one CEO, “whereas Texas [ranked #1] and Tennessee [ranked #4] do everything possible to make business comfortable and more successful.”

The worst ranked states include Illinois (#48), New York (#49) and California (#50).

According to the detail page for Indiana, the state received its best marks for the quality of its workforce. They report 68 big companies headquartered here and credit Indiana’s right-to-work status, pro-growth strategy and above-average GDP growth for its success, noting in particular that the right-to-work status is beginning to pay off for the state, especially when it comes to the manufacturing and distribution industries.

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