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Two New Offerings for NWI from Purdue

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

For Calumet the push involves the opening of its new Commercialization and Manufacturing Excellence Center, which is an 18,000 square foot facility designed to catalyze regional economic development and technological transfer.

The new center offers two components for development:

  • Product and prototype development and cutting edge training for manufacturing companies of all sizes
  • Entrepreneur and employer aid in advancing new commercialization ideas for the current needs and new industries of tomorrow

“This center will enable Purdue Calumet and ultimately Purdue University Northwest to positively impact regional economic development by advancing new manufacturing opportunities through state-of-the-art training and transfer of the latest technology,” saidPurdue Calumet Chancellor Thomas L. Keon in a university press release. “It also provides a venue for commercialization of new business ideas.”

According to the release, students are also expected to benefit from hands-on, real world experiential learning opportunities occurring with center clients.

“Our center will cater to the needs of regional industry with activities pertaining to innovation, advanced manufacturing training and solutions to improve products, processes and productivity,” said Center Executive Director Niaz Latif.

And short-term space also will be available for entrepreneurial community clients and employers to design, develop and test prototypes for innovative initiatives. The center opened April 30.

For North Central the push involves the offering of a graduate-level certificate in economic development. According to a university press release, the program involves a three-course series at Purdue University-North Central's Valparaiso campus at 600 Vale Park Road. The courses include:

  • The Competitive Advantage of a Region, offered from June 6 through Aug. 15
  • Economic and Social Analysis, offered from Sept. 12 through Nov. 21
  • Introduction to Economic Development, offered Dec. 5 through Feb. 20

The program is designed to equip leaders and practitioners with the knowledge and skills necessary to improve the performance of area economic development activities. 

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