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Latest Data Shows Indiana Really Is "A State that Works"

Monday, August 03, 2015

After falling by 0.4 percent in April, Indiana’s unemployment rate fell by a further 0.3 percent and is now at 5.1 percent as of the time of writing. For comparison, joblessness has been stuck at 6 percent in neighboring Illinois since February.

While the unemployment rate has been falling, Indiana’s labor force has been growing. Since January 2013 it’s grown by 64,000 workers. In fact, Indiana now has only 300 private sector jobs fewer than the all-time peak of employment in March of 2000.

“Indiana’s addition of 64,000 individuals to the Hoosier labor force, as well as the significant decrease in unemployment over the past two and one-half years are remarkable,” saidIndiana Department of Workforce Development Commissioner Steven J. Braun. “The combination of these widely recognized leading economic indicators, as well as overall wage growth above the national average signifies a strong economic recovery to this point.”

Labor force participation, a measure of how much of the working-age populace is working or looking for work, is 63.3 percent in Indiana. Not only is that above the national average, but Indiana has been above the national average for labor force participation for 20 months in a row now.

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Steven J. Braun, Commissioner
Indiana Department of Workforce Development