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Current News

NIPSCO’s 2015 Charity of Choice Campaign

Monday, August 03, 2015

Last year, the charity effort supported our veterans with $80,150 from employees and corporate contributions of $27,250. That adds up to more than $107,000, which exceeded its $100,000 goal.

This year the focus is on “Supporting Human Needs.” This focus represents a whole category of charities that provide basic human needs and services such as the Salvation Army, local homeless shelters, local women’s shelters and local food and clothing pantries.

This year’s campaign started strong with a kickoff event recapping the last year’s effort and energizing the employees to once again reach that $100,000 goal. The kickoff event started strong with t-shirts and raffle tickets for sale; t-shirt sales alone raised $1,300 at the event already.

New to the campaign this year is the “Summer of Service Initiative,” which will give employees a streamlined way to find out about and get involved with local volunteer opportunities. A designated NIPSCO page on the United Way Volunteer site will make it easy to find and register for opportunities, as well as keep participants updated as new opportunities become available.

“The activities and volunteer opportunities in last year’s campaign really allowed for employees to get involved and have ownership of NIPSCO’s giving effort,” saidGovernmental and Community Affairs Manager Eddie Melton, who gave the introduction at this year’s kickoff event. “This year, we are planning to increase employee engagement and excitement even more with the Summer of Service Initiative.” Fundraising events return as well with old favorites like the motorcycle ride and some new additions too.

Eddie Melton, Governmental and Community Affairs Manager

Hog Roast

Hog Roast event at Michigan City Generating Station