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Northeast Indiana RDA Ready for Action

Monday, August 03, 2015

Now it has only to wait for a return-on-investment (ROI) analysis required by the state and it can put its hat in the ring for the millions of dollars of state funding.

Courtney Tritch, vice president of marketing for the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, said Northeast Indiana has been positioning itself well for the competition. It has been collaborating on economic development projects for more than a decade, and it became the first in the state to officially form a regional development authority.

“Not only were we the first, but we are also the largest collaboration in the state,” she said. “Our collaboration was made even stronger with the addition of Kosciusko County, making us 11 counties strong.”

She said her organization is considering between 40 and 50 projects in arts and culture, greenways and blueways (trails, rivers, etc.), downtown vibrancy, and education and industry. The number will be finalized after receipt of the ROI analysis.

There is more: according to a June 22 article in the Journal Gazette, the Olive B. Cole Foundation has committed to giving $1 million in matching funds to the RDA for projects undertaken as part of the state's Regional Cities Initiative.

In a statement, Mac Parker, president of the Cole Foundation, said his organization has been watching the development of the Northeast Indiana RDA with interest, and wanted to help its pursuit of the Regional Cities Initiative funding.

"The Foundation has had a long-standing interest in regional collaboration,” he said, “and has made numerous grants over the years to assist with this endeavor."

See our story next month on “Regional Cities of Northern Indiana.”

Courtney Tritch, VP of Marketing
Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership