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Current News

NiSource Names Sistovaris NIPSCO Executive Director

Monday, August 31, 2015

Sistovaris, who has worked at NiSource for 20 years, is now charged with directing operations, regulatory policy and compliance. According to her though, the most fundamental responsibility she bears is delivering quality service to the 1.1 million customers in Indiana.

A long-time Northwest Indiana resident, Sistovaris has a background in both the corporate and operational sides of the utility. As she puts it, she knows the company and its people “from the meter to the bill.”

In the years she has worked at NiSource, Sistovaris has performed a wide variety of roles. Most recently, she served as the Chief Information Officer of NiSource and was tasked with directing the operations of NiSource’s customer contact centers and managing contacts with the company’s customers.

According to NiSource CEO Joe Hamrock, Sistovaris was the best choice to lead NIPSCO thanks to her depth of knowledge and experience. “As we transition NiSource into a fully-regulated utilities company,” Hamrock said, “it was essential that we had a leader in place that could continue building NIPSCO into the premier utility in Indiana.”

As Sistovaris takes the reigns, she sees NIPSCO as a company with a solid plan for the future. “The people and processes are in place, so it’s an execution story,” she says, so her job will be to ensure the continued execution of that plan and, as always to take care of the customer.

Violet Sistovaris, Executive Vice President