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Pence Picks Schellinger to Lead IEDC

Monday, August 31, 2015

While pundits make the point that the Republican Pence has named a prominent Democrat to lead the state’s development group (Schellinger ran for governor in 2008), Schellinger says that his appointment is “all about jobs, and that will be my focus.”

A South Bend native, Schellinger has served on the IEDC board of directors for some time, so he knows what he is getting involved with.  He is also a small business owner who has been CEO of CSO Architects for nearly 20 years; that firm was part of several high-profile projects including the new Indianapolis International Airport. Schellinger earned his degree in architecture from the University of Notre Dame.

In an interview with Inside Indiana Business, Schellinger said he was especially interested in the Regional Cities Initiative and what it could mean for the state. “I think it’s one of the most important things we’ve done, because it’s about working to retain talent in our state with a focus on creating world class places.”

Schellinger will take a leave of absence from CSO to perform his new duties with the IEDC. Schellinger succeeds Eric Doden, who left the IEDC to lead Greater Fort Wayne Inc. as CEO.

Jim Schellinger, Chief Executive Officer
Indiana Economic Development Corporation