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Current News

Cleaner Brighter Better: Our New Website

Monday, October 05, 2015

NIPSCO Economic Development recently unveiled its new website. Where the old site had some information, the new site is not just more appealing but also lets users find more of what they are looking for faster. We spoke with Project Analyst Cindy Admave about the improvements:

What makes this new website better than the old one? 
The new website has a completely new and refreshed look that matches the website. With the new site, it’s easier for us to update and add information, images, news and events so we can keep everything up to date. For users, all this information is organized in a way that is more logical and easier to find. News and events in particular are more accessible since they are more time-sensitive.

What's the most useful new feature for users? 
I'm really pleased with the current news section. In that section, our readers can view all of the articles from our ED newsletter. The articles are grouped by month, but if there is something in particular that a reader wants to find out more about, the news section can also be searched by keyword.

What inspired the new design?
The NIPSCO Economic Development website was in need of a complete refresh, and we wanted to match the look and approachability of the website while making pertinent information a cinch to locate.

Why should people visit the website regularly if they are in NWI? What if they are from outside NWI? 
For those who visit regularly, our new website is a great place to stay up to date on current news and events in northern Indiana. We worked hard to gather the most pertinent information in one spot for those businesses researching this area. On our new website you can find information on NIPSCO's incentives, electric and natural rate quotes, maps, and links to property searches. We also have a page that links to our state, regional and local area partners.

View the website at:

Cindy Admave, Project Analyst