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Current News

Conexus Releases Northeast Indiana Logistics Strategy

Monday, October 05, 2015

According to a press release from the Conexus Indiana Northeast Regional Logistics Council, the plan, titled “Accelerating Manufacturing Excellence through World-Class Logistics,” addresses long-term infrastructure, public policy and talent development priorities in the region.

Among the priority projects are:

  • Converting U.S. 30 to a 4-lane full access-controlled freeway with interchanges at major intersections.
  • Extending the Roanoke exit at I-69 to the east of Columbia City and extending northeast to the Auburn exit at I-69.
  • Upgrading the existing 2-lane U.S. 6 highway to 4-lane full access-controlled freeway with interchanges at major intersections from west of Kendallville to the Ohio border and designating it a heavy haul route.
  • Upgrading U.S. 27 to a Super-2 from Monroe to I-70 in Richmond.
  • Improving and widening SR 9 to a Super-2 from Marion, to I-80/90 Toll Road.
  • Expanding the Triple Crown Rail Yard in Fort Wayne to provide East Coast intermodal rail service from Norfolk, Virginia through the Norfolk Southern Railway.

“This detailed roadmap of transformative infrastructure projects aligns perfectly with the priorities identified by regional stakeholders involved in our ongoing Vision 2020 initiative,” said John Sampson, president & CEO of the Northeast Indiana Partnership. “We commend them for their collaboration and vision on this project and look forward to working closely in the years to come to bring that vision into reality.”

“This is a valuable tool for our business community,” said Vince Buchanan, executive director of the Regional Chamber of Northeast Indiana. “But its worth extends far beyond business. Residents of the 13 counties in the region will benefit, too, with improved mobility and increased job opportunities.”

John Sampson, President and CEO
Northeast Indiana Partnership

Vince Buchanan, Executive Director
Regional Chamber of Northeast Indiana