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Over the Top: Indiana Employment at Record Levels

Monday, October 05, 2015

“Private sector employment in Indiana surpassed all previous historical benchmarks in July, in addition to the unemployment rate dropping to 4.7 percent, its lowest point since November 2007,” said Indiana DWD Commissioner Steven J. Braun in a press release. “Data indicates the majority of Hoosier jobs grown since the low point of employment have been above average wage positions, with the Hoosier State continuing to lead the Midwest in labor force growth, and total private sector job growth consistently ranking near the top in the nation—all of which validate Indiana’s robust recovery from the Great Recession, especially over the past couple years.”

The previous peak employment record was experienced in March of 2000. Since the state’s low point of employment in July 2009, Indiana has added 292,000 jobs total. Indiana’s labor force participation rate now stands at 63.5 percent, which puts it a full percentage point above the national average.

Indiana Department of Workforce Development