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The Road to One Million

Monday, October 05, 2015

In Northeast Indiana, the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership has set a goal to guide them: a population of one million in their region. Currently, the 10-county region is home to 750,000 residents, which means to reach that goal the population needs to increase by 33%.

Vision 2020 Coordinator Lauren Zuber says they know this will be a “decades-long” goal. To reach that goal and attract the young talent that businesses need will take a lot of work and a number of different strategies.

This “Road to One Million” goal is a core component of the Northeast Regional Cities Initiative bid they recently submitted to the state for part of the $84 million the state is offering over the next two years. Since a growing number of professionals select where they want to live and find jobs second, rather than moving to where a job is, Zuber says that creating a strong arts and culture scene will be a key component to attracting Millennials.

The effort will also collaborate with schools, businesses and political leaders so as to fast-track quality of place projects.

According to Zuber, whether or not Northeast Indiana wins their bid for the Regional Cities Initiative funding, the “Road to One Million” will carry on because it is a necessary strategy if local businesses are to have access to a talented workforce in the coming years.

Lauren Zuber, Vision 2020 Coordinator
Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership