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Current News

A Very Impact-ful Year

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Indiana and a number of its cities appeared high in multiple “best place for business” lists throughout the year and a large number of companies confirmed that either by starting here or by moving here to get away from less business-friendly states. Indiana also broke historic employment records with the highest-ever number of people working that the state has seen.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) announced that in 2015 they worked with 323 companies to secure growth and job creation commitments that will result in 26,555 new jobs over the next few years. That’s 38 more companies than in 2014, and a record-setting number for the IEDC since it was officially formed in 2005. And remember, these are only businesses that the IEDC worked with directly. In total, these businesses will invest $4.79 billion in the state.

Locally in Northern Indiana, ED Impact tracked announced business migrations, expansions and start-ups. In 2015, the area saw more the 78 announcements representing $1.8 billion in investment. Of those reporting the square footage of their expansions, the total is more than 5 million square feet. All together over the next few years, these companies will hire more than 4,800 workers.

As the state enters its 200th year and celebrates its bicentennial in 2016, expect more good things coming down the road for the state known as the crossroads of America.