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Current News

Four Counties Awarded Workforce Grants

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

According to a press release from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs, the funding, which is part of a grant from the Workforce Development Program, will address skill gaps throughout the state. Howard, Starke, Steuben and Whitley counties were among the eight chosen to receive these funds.

  • Howard County was awarded $250,000 for incumbent worker training. This will provide basic skills education, machining skills training and maintenance skills training. This program includes eight other partners in the program.
  • Starke County was awarded $250,000 to purchase equipment for the training of personnel in manufacturing equipment maintenance and automation technology. The training will be offered at the Starke County Initiative for Lifelong Learning (SCILL), and will involve both new and incumbent workers from four counties.
  • Steuben County was awarded $250,000 to provide training to address skill gaps and improve technical skills in the areas of welding and CNC operations. Steuben County is leveraging $305,000 as a local match for this program.
  • Whitley County, which has partnered with Noble County for this effort, was awarded $250,000 to create a workforce development program. The training program will focus on incumbent and underemployed workers in the areas of machining, industrial maintenance and welding. The training will be offered through Ivy Tech and the Freedom Academy.

Congratulations to all of the counties receiving this support from the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs!

Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs