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Conexus Year in Review

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Each year, ED Impact checks in with David Holt, Conexus vice president of operations and business development, to see what the initiative accomplished over the past year and what new goals have been set for the year ahead.

In 2013, Conexus had just finished forming its six regional councils across the state. 2014 was spent investigating, researching, planning and forming the content for all of the regional plans (and collectively an integrated state-wide plan). Which brings us to now and begs the question: How was 2015?

According to Holt, 2015 was a very successful year with many key items outlined in Delivering Indiana’s Logistics Future either on-track or accomplished. Primary among them was what Holt laid out as an expectation: the finalization and publication of the state’s six regional strategic plans (Northwest, North Central, Northeast, Central, Southwest and Southeast Indiana). These plans will guide each region’s logistics industry toward implementation of the identified needs in the realms of infrastructure, public policy and workforce development. Each of these plans can be viewed

A few other accomplishments of 2015 include:

  • Tax Throwback - Passage of legislation eliminating a tax throwback provision that Conexus Indiana helped show was negatively impacting logistics investment in Indiana
  • Air Cargo Volume Study – A 40-company air cargo volume study confirmed Indiana’s potential for non-integrated air cargo to both China and Germany
  • Various Roadway Infrastructure projects – US 31, I-69, the Abraham Lincoln Bridge and the expansion of segments of I-65 from two to three lanes are all completed or on-track to be completed in 2016
  • Post-secondary logistics programs – the creation of a 2-year logistics degree program with Ivy Tech Community College and the creation and implementation of a 4-year education initiative to increase the number of supply chain graduates from public universities including Ball State, Indiana University and Purdue University

Looking ahead, Holt and Conexus Indiana plan to continue to build on this momentum as the shift from planning to implementation progresses. In 2016, Conexus Indiana says implementing the statewide and regional strategic plans will have a particular focus on:

  • Continuing to educate the public in regards to the need for long-term solutions to state and federal transportation funding
  • Working with regional councils to address identified workforce shortages in related occupations
  • Expanding the current air cargo study to bring the Chinese air cargo market into greater focus
  • Implementing further infrastructure projects across the state
  • Ongoing expansion of education programs, from gathering more “A+ Partners” to work with local schools to developing 4-year supply chain degrees at Purdue and Indiana universities and expanding the network of universities and companies involved in the Postsecondary Education Logistics Initiative

David Holt, Vice President of Operations and Business Development
Conexus Indiana