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Regional Cities Initiative Fully Funded

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

The competitive program was to award two regions with $42 million each with which they were to initiate regional development plans. When it came time for the winners to be announced, Governor Pence and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation announced three winners instead of two. The winners were not ranked but included:

  • Southwest Indiana. The proposal has a total cost of $926 million which includes investments in education and residential development projects. This proposal is targeted at raising the area’s population by more than 70,000 people within a decade.
  • Northeast Indiana. With a total cost of $471 million, this proposal wants to reach one million regional residents and includes new recreation and entrepreneurial investment projects
  • North Central Indiana. This proposal has a $736 million price tag but will see a variety of improvements and upgrades to both recreational and industrial facilities.


Expecting only two winners, the legislature had only approved $84 million at the time from the 2015 Tax Amnesty program. To fund the winners, an additional $42 million had to be approved. As of March, that funding has now been approved and will soon become available to the regions.

“Full funding of all three regions is great news for Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana and equally great news for the economic progress of our state,” said John Sampson, president and CEO of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership. “These matching state funds will attract private sector investment to grow our state’s population, attract a new generation of talent for our employers and move our region forward.”

To learn more about the Regional Cities Initiative and to see all of the regional proposals, visit:

Regional Cities


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