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Current News

New Conexus Database Aims to Actually Connect Us

Thursday, October 06, 2016

At least, if you’re a supplier or buyer, that is. The statewide manufacturing and logistics-focused initiative, Conexus Indiana, has launched a free database called Conexus Icon to facilitate connections between businesses as well as other groups.

Conexus Icon features search by keywords, company names, NAICS codes, or other specific factors showing only the most relevant results. It also features a geographic mapping tool, so searching by location or proximity is easy to manage as well.

According to the organization, over 6,000 manufacturers, small and medium sized businesses, universities and even state agencies are included, allowing everyone to research and find procurement opportunities easier than before.

“Global buyers have a window into the world of Hoosier Suppliers through this database, providing untapped opportunities for business growth and development” said Conexus Program Manager Rich Murphy. “In comparison to supplier databases in other states, Conexus Icon sets a new standard and further differentiates Indiana’s business environment.”

You can access Conexus Icon via:

The database is also intended to serve as a community forum for various related topics of interest. Conexus Icon replaces Indiana Supplier Insight, a six-year-old database.

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