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Indiana Colleges Are Making the Grade

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

It seems like no matter whom you ask, Hoosier colleges are highly ranked. To help students keep making the best decision they can about their academic future, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education recently released the Indiana College Value Index.

First of all, consider some of the latest rankings regarding colleges in America. The annual rankings by U.S. News and World Report put Rose-Hulman Institute for Technology 1st for Best Engineering Program without a doctorate degree, with Valparaiso University in a tie for 13th in that ranking. For Best Engineering Program with a doctorate degree, Prude tied with Cornell for 9th. Of the overall rankings, Notre Dame came in highest at 15th, with Purdue University at 60th and Indiana University at 86th.

Meanwhile, Reuters released their rankings of the World’s Most Innovative Universities based on factors including patent volume, patent success and industry article citation impact. Purdue University and Indiana University were ranked 33rd and 37th, respectively. Both have important satellite campuses in Northern Indiana.

Finally, the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education have released their own ranking of U.S. colleges, weighted most heavily based on student outcomes. According to them, the University of Notre Dame ranked 25th in the nation with Purdue at 37th, DePauw at 90th and Rose-Hulman at 91. Factors in their calculation besides student outcomes include school resources, student engagement and learning environment.

While all those rankings are terrific, the sheer number of them hints that figuring out the best school, much less the best school for your student isn’t an easy matter. To that end, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education, working with USA Funds and the Indiana Youth Institute, recently launched the Indiana College Value Index, the nation’s first comprehensive measurement of college value.

According to the group, profiles were created for each educational institution that focuses on three areas: completion, competency and career. “We are the first state to measure college value in a way that goes beyond the numbers to show not just how well our campuses are doing but also how they can do better,” said Teresa Lubbers, the Indiana commissioner for higher education. “The Indiana College Value Index does this by bringing together both quantitative and qualitative information, providing a more complete view of higher education performance and value.”

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