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Northeast Indiana Income Growth Just Keeps Growing

Thursday, December 15, 2016

With new data available from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership has some good news to report.

In 2010, Northeast Indiana residents earned 80.4 percent of the national per capita income average. Five years later, that has risen to 83 percent. That may not sound like much on the surface, but that growth means a $6.3 billion increase in personal income circulating in Northeast Indiana’s annual economy.

“The most recent data proves 2015 [the latest data available] was another year for income growth in Northeast Indiana,” said Valerie Richardson, research associate at the Community Research Institute at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne. “Per capita personal income in the region compared to the nation has been steadily gaining ground, which is significant after seeing decades of decline…Northeast Indiana has not seen this growth in personal income relative to the nation in all the years the Community Research Institute has been monitoring this data. This is indicative of a healthy labor market and bodes well for the local economy.”

The data also shows that Northeast Indiana is actually outpacing the nation in per capita personal income growth by increasing 4.3 percent compared to the national rate of just 3.7 percent. Increasing this measure is the driving force behind the region’s Vision 2020 initiative.

John Sampson, president and CEO of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership, said, “In Northeast Indiana, we are driven by a tireless pursuit of increased prosperity for all residents of our region. These successive years of beating the state and national averages for increased per capita income affirm our work together to confront and overcome our region’s most difficult economic challenges.”

John Sampson, President and CEO

Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership



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