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Current News

Northern Indiana 2016 Roundup

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

2016 was a solid year for Northern Indiana. Unemployment is at a 15-year low, more Hoosiers are working than ever before, tourism spending reached record levels ($11.5 billion in 2015) and some Hoosier-specific manufacturing is doing quite well too (the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association reports RV shipments are at their highest in 40 years with 431,000 units sold).

ED Impact tracks announced business investments, expansions and relocations for the Northern Indiana region. In 2016, we tracked:

  • 79 announced major investments, expansions and/or relocations
  • Those projects represent $1.3 billion in new investment
  • New construction or expansions will create a combined additional 2.8 million sq. ft. of business space in facilities ranging from industrial and warehouse to retail and service
  • 3,498 new jobs created or expected to be created over the next few years

Keep in mind, all these figures underrepresent the reality of 2016 since not every announcement detailed each of these measures. Regardless, we would like to congratulate the hardworking economic development professionals, local officials and statewide agencies involved in making such as successful year possible for Northern Indiana.

NIPSCO Economic Development