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12 Things to Know from 3 Local Recap Events

Friday, April 21, 2017

The Lake County Economic Alliance, the Michigan City Economic Development Corporation and La Porte’s Mayor all had something to say—or rap, in one case—about how things are going in their respective territories.

The Lake County Economic Alliance (LCEA) held its annual 2017 Investor Meeting, Economic Update & Reception:

  • The LCEA is only two years old, but has hit the ground running in terms of activity and relationships
  • LCEA President & CEO Karen Lauerman shared about her passion for Lake County and labeled 2016 a “very productive year” for the young organization
  • The LCEA answered 245 leads in 2016, a significant number of opportunities for the county
  • IEDC President Elaine Bedel was the guest speaker, who praised the makeup of the LCEA board for representing its community and spoke on the value of the work both investors and stakeholders have put into growing the region

Karen Lauerman, President & CEO

Lake County Economic Alliance



The Economic Development Corporation of Michigan City released its 2016 report, with highlights including:

  • New investment totaled approximately $21 million
  • Current local businesses committed to more than $6.8 million for expansion/retention efforts
  • 2016 saw 14 active business development prospects and 7 expansion/relocation projects and 4 new capital investments
  • The full report can be viewed at:

Clarence Hulse, Executive Director

Economic Development Corporation Michigan City



La Porte Mayor Blair Milo held the annual State of the City address:

  • Focused on “innovation”
  • On rapid changes in technology and in daily lives: “Our first instinct is to hold steady…in reality, that’s the worst thing you can do. You have to paddle harder and take control to be prepared for what lies ahead.”
  • Credited innovative approach by the planning department to win federal funds that will support community renovations downtown as well as the “gateway and wayfinding” study mean to offer guidance for future improvements
  • Spoke on the city’s role in workforce development via relationship building between businesses and educators, including student mentoring programs at companies like Jaeger-Unitek Sealing Solutions and American Licorice
  • Concluded her address by performing a rap about the “Hub of Awesome” (her description of the city) accompanied by young musicians from a Christian music ministry called Emerging Sound

Blair Milo, Mayor

City of La Porte, Indiana