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Real Data for Rural Indiana: New Stats Website Unveiled

Friday, April 21, 2017

As economic development’s reliance on technology and information continues to grow, the right data can make all the difference to identify local issues and help uncover and analyze potential solutions.

A new platform, Rural Indiana Stats, has just been unveiled which now provides access to various levels of data for all 92 Indiana counties.

The website was developed in a partnership between the Purdue Center for Regional Development and the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) so that local economic development professionals and others could easily access a greater amount of information.

“Rural Indiana Stats offers users important options that are not typically available on data sites,” said Director Bo Beaulieu of the Purdue Center for Regional Development. “These include the ability to compare information on two user-selected counties at the same time, the capacity to visualize the data using the online mapping option, and the ability to export data and images for use in reports or other user-defined documents.”

With more than 80 county-level variables to choose from, this new site has quite a lot to offer. While it can be overwhelming at first, a little bit of time spent is a solid investment. Broadly organized into three sections (Housing, Fiscal and Soci-Economic Data), the organization of the website helps guide you towards data useful to your purpose.

Another feature is what is listed as Community Vitality Indicators, six metrics that OCRA suggests are a good way to track the socioeconomic progress of a county over time. These indicators are:

  • Population
  • Public School Enrollment
  • Public High School Graduation Rate
  • Percent of Population with Associates Degree or Higher
  • Gross Assessed Value Per Capita
  • Per Capita Personal Income

Get started and take a look at your own area and how it compares now at Rural Indiana Stats:

Bill Konyha, Executive Director

Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs


Bo Beaulieu, Director

Purdue Center for Regional Development