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NIPSCO’S Don Babcock Honored as NWI Times Partner in Progress

Friday, June 16, 2017

During an induction ceremony for the 10th class of the Northwest Indiana Times Business and Industry Hall of Fame, NIPSCO Director of Economic Development, Don Babcock was recognized as the Partner in Progress for the 2017.

Started the same year as the Hall of Fame in 2008, the Times reports that the Partner in Progress award is meant to recognize: “an individual who has helped Northwest Indiana businesses grow and been proactive in stretching the community’s horizons.”

Times publisher Chris White described Babcock as “Northwest Indiana’s biggest cheerleader for economic development.” In his role as director for economic development at NIPSCO, Babcock has worked to build partnerships across the region and across the country, making it possible to attract new companies and grow existing ones, while also encouraging public works projects that foster community and continued opportunities.

At the ceremony, Babcock gave an encouraging speech about the future of Northwest Indiana, confirming the labels many applied to him (unsinkable; an optimist-plus) and arguing that businesses and people are starting to recognize that this region has some of Indiana’s greatest assets.

“We still produce 25 percent of the nation’s steel, and you can look out at Lake Michigan and see it has been cleaned up along with the air,” said Babcock. “It’s still going to take a lot of effort and cooperation and understanding and listening to each other to make it all happen. Rather than say it won’t happen in our lifetime, we need to say it will happen, and work together to make it so.

“Starting the day with a positive attitude helps,” he added.

Other inductees to the Times Hall of Fame included:

  • Joseph Mansueto, founder and executive chairman of Morningstar
  • Karen Maravilla, owner of It’s Just Serendipity
  • Raymundo Garcia, manager of El Taco Real
  • Robert E Johnson, founder and president/CEO of Cimcor
  • Craig Dwight, CEO of Horizon Bank

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