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Current News

New Strategic Plan to Grow Indiana Agriculture Industry

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The Indiana Department of Agriculture, along with other stakeholders in Indiana’s agriculture industry sector and accompanied by Indiana Governor Holcomb, has introduced a long-term strategic plan for the industry.

This new plan sets the state strategy for the next 10 years, from 2017 through 2027. Billed as a joint effort by a team including agricultural organizations and boards, universities, and government and non-government organizations, the plan has been in development for the last 18 months.

"All of Indiana agriculture came together to develop this plan,” Indiana State Department of Agriculture Director Ted McKinney said. “There is enough common ground among all those to come together and lift up those core, what turns out to be seven key priorities."

At the presentation event in late June, Governor Holcomb said: "Having a plan is critically important. It's also important to the market so that folks know there is certainty and predictability when they are looking at where to invest. So this plan is right down that strike zone. It will play a critical part in us continuing to grow our ag investments."

The plan’s seven key priorities are:

  • Economic & Community Development
  • Natural Resources Stewardship & Environment
  • Education & Career Development
  • Public Relations & Outreach
  • Leadership Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Food & Agricultural Innovation

Significant focus is placed on supporting and further developing education, infrastructure and marketing. The plan also calls for the creation of an agriculture economic development team to “create proactive strategies,” which are further detailed in the strategic plan. Overall, the plan outlines 86 action items for the state and other organizations to achieve so as to reach the plan’s long-term goals.

View a brochure outlining the full plan at:

Indiana Department of Agriculture