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Recalled to Life: Say Hello (Again) to Chesterton’s Economic Development Corp.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Town Council of Chesterton, IN recently voted to restart the Chesterton Economic Development Corporation (CEDC).

Chesterton Town Council’s president, James Ton, called the CEDC’s purpose more important now than ever. “The downtown business district is in most need of its help right now,” Ton said.

The rest of the Council seems to agree, and the nonprofit development corporation will be brought back soon, with a meeting to be set in the near future.

Ton named Richard Riley as presidential appointee to the CEDC, saying that Riley has already agreed to serve.

Maura Durham, president of the Duneland Chamber of Commerce and of the Duneland Economic Development Company, says the new organization and her organizations will complement each other in supporting the Duneland area.

“The new Chesterton Economic Development Corporation (CEDC) and the Duneland Economic Development Company (DECD) are two separate organizations with two different funding recipients, at the end of the day,” said Durham. “I think that they complement each other well and that the Chesterton Economic Development Corporation is needed for our Duneland area. While the DEDC normally handles things like the exterior improvement grant, formally called the ‘Façade Grant,’ the CEDC will be doing business loans for our community and hopefully, help work with expansion projects. As president of the DEDC, we’re very much supportive of the CEDC being established again and being able to award funding to more businesses in our area.”

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Maura Durham, President

Duneland Chamber of Commerce, Duneland Economic Development Company