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2017 Charity of Choice Campaign Champions Veterans

Monday, September 25, 2017

NIPSCO employees take great pride in their community, and one of the ways the company supports this is through the annual Charity of Choice campaign.

Since the campaign began in 2011, NIPSCO employees have raised more than half a million dollars to support local nonprofit organizations in their communities. The campaign is entirely employee-driven, with NIPSCO matching dollar-for-dollar.

This year, NIPSCO employees voted for the funds to go towards organizations that support veterans. Over 30 different veteran-focused organizations put in requests for projects and programs to be supported, and thanks to the incredible generosity as well as work of NIPSCO employees this year Charity of Choice far exceeded its $100,000 target.

Through employee-organized fundraising events including cookouts, ice cream socials, a fishing derby, silent auctions, a golf outing, a clay shoot, a farmer’s market and much more, the employees raised more than the target by themselves. Paired with the $50,000 match from the company, that’s over $150,000 raised in 2017 to support the projects and programs of over 30 local veterans’ organizations!

Deserving particular credit for this years’ success are NIPSCO’s ERGs (Employee Resource Groups), which enthusiastically stepped up to the fundraising challenge. DAWN, the women’s ERG, created a fashion show and market to provide funding for female veterans through Veteran Services at Purdue Northwest. NiVETS, the military service employee group, was involved in nearly every event in some way. NEAT, our environmental employee group, put together a farmer’s market that ran on three Fridays to raise funds. And these are just a few examples.

Fundraising is only one aspect of the Charity of Choice campaign now that volunteerism has been added as a goal as well. The 750 hours of volunteerism that was set as the objective was also blown away this year, with NIPSCO employees engaging in 1,113 hours of volunteer work, far surpassing the target.

From June through September and even as the funds were being raised, employees were busy giving their time and effort to support local veterans as well. One example is the work accomplished with the Veteran Home Repair Project, which paired up disabled veterans with NIPSCO employees who could perform much-needed home repair projects.

Congratulations to the hard-working employees who volunteered their time and effort to give back to the community and far exceeded their own generous goals!

Dana Berkes, Public Affairs Manager