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Elkhart’s Approach to Talent Attraction

Friday, December 01, 2017

With unemployment rates at such a low level across Indiana, cities and companies are re-learning why that can be a double-edged sword: growing companies need new workers, but low unemployment means workers are harder to come by.

Many communities are aware that the answer is to attract workers from outside Indiana, and now Elkhart, IN is getting proactive in its approach. A recently launched, $95,000 ad campaign will specifically target high-unemployment areas around the nation, including locations recently hit by hurricanes where people and displaced workers may already be in search of a place to start over.

The campaign will uses a combined approach of billboards, radio spots and social media advertisements targeted to specific audiences. The campaign is also targeting workers currently employed in the coal industry, with the idea that the industry they are currently working in is shrinking so now is a good time to get started on a new career with a future.

The ads will direct people to the new website. Along with listings for job openings in the area, Elkhart County Economic Development Corporation President and CEO Mark Dobson says the website also informs people of what life is like in Elkhart County. “The website will have housing statistics, school data and the various things they need to make a move to our community,” Dobson said prior to the website going live last month.

Mark Dobson, President & CEO
Economic Development Corporation of Elkhart County