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Current News

First Steps Taken Toward La Porte Economic Corridor

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A group of community leaders for La Porte met in October to take the first steps towards what may in time become an economic development corridor for the city.

“It’s always good to take the opportunity, when you can, to look at where we are now, where we’re going and the best way to get there,” said Greater La Porte Economic Development Corporation Executive Director Bert Cook.

The group consisted of elected representatives, public safety officials and other local leaders along with professional staff from Lochmueller Group, a consulting organization for planning projects of this type.

The corridor would aim to ease downtown traffic congestion, which is expected to continue to get worse in the coming years, as well as create better access for existing businesses and to foster new investment in industrial opportunities along the route. This is all still very early in development though; multiple options are currently being explored along with consideration for trends and other developments they expect to be upcoming in the area. The route for the corridor itself is under consideration.

Still, this broader willingness to work together is an important first step forward. Lochmueller will next by analyzing a variety of options and then presenting their findings and recommendations to the community.

There’s no firm timeline currently established, but the hope is for a proposal to be in place in early 2019.

Bert Cook, Executive Director
Greater La Porte Economic Development Corporation


Lochmueller Group