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Governor’s Travels: Hoosiers in India

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Indiana Governor Holcomb led a group of Hoosiers on an economic trip to India at the end of October, seeking to support growing ties between the state and the country.

Before the trip, Holcomb established the importance of India for Indiana—and vice versa—by citing some recent, large job commitments India-based companies had made in Indiana as well as the fact that India purchases $266.6 million worth of Indiana-made products on an annual basis. Holcomb added that another aim of the trip was to “recruit more Indian businesses to grow here in Indiana.”

The trip was a successful one, with the governor and his cadre of Hoosier business leaders visiting a number of Indian cities during the week-long trip and meeting with their political as well as economic counterparts there.

The biggest headline on their return was the signing of a sister-state agreement between Indiana and the Indian state of Karnataka. This agreement commits the states to work together when they can on issues ranging from workforce development and education to information technology and advanced manufacturing. Karnataka’s capital city of Bangalore is home to both Infosys and Wipro, both of which are major information technology companies that recently have announce plans to locate operations in Indianapolis, IN (Wipro acquired Indianapolis-based Appirio in 2016).

Holcomb reported he puts India at the top of the list in terms of Indiana’s relationships with the rest of the world. “As the first Indiana governor to travel to India, I was thrilled to work with the Karnataka government to establish a sister-state relationship with one of the most dynamic and technologically advanced states in India,” Holcomb said.

Eric Holcomb, Governor
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