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‘Your Energy, Your Future’ Ensures Indiana Stays Ahead of the Energy Revolution

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Your Energy

Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) President Violet Sistovaris says she sees a “real revolution” taking place in the energy industry which lead to the “Your Energy, Your Future” initiative from the electric and gas service provider.

"Customers want what's best for their families: Energy that is affordable, reliable and sustainable. NIPSCO's new plan puts them front and center," said Sistovaris in late 2018 when the new effort was announced.

NIPSCO plans to accelerate the retirement of the five remaining coal-fired plants it currently operates and reduce coal dependency down to nearly zero within 10 years. In its place, NIPSCO will build up renewable energy resources including solar and wind and battery storage technology. Sistovaris describes the plan as envisioning a “brighter future that delivers the energy our customers need while reducing emissions and focusing on the long-term strength of our local economy.”

NIPSCO estimates more than $4 billion in savings will be realized for their customers over the long term as a result of retiring their coal-fired generating units and replacing them with lower cost renewable energy options. The company's carbon emissions will be reduced by more than 90% by the year 2028. And the expectation is that by 2028 NIPSCO will have created a stronger, more future-forward balance of renewable energy to make Indiana more attractive in the long-term to employers and residents.

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