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Video: Make It Your Own Launches in NE Indiana

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership unveiled a new brand in its “Road to One Million” population/workforce attraction program called “Make It Your Own.”

Make It Your Own specifically targets talent between the ages 21–45, in part due to research showing that this age window is when most people move. The idea is if the Partnership can help businesses and communities with their marketing efforts, then when people who are already looking to move make the decision to move, they can easily find good reasons to relocate to Northeast Indiana and enjoy the opportunities and attractions in the region.

“We have created a large number of resources for regional employers to use in their recruiting efforts,” said Kate Virag, vice president of marketing and strategic communications for the Partnership. “While we, as an economic development organization, will be doing marketing and talent attraction, we know that our employers are our best source of talent attraction because they have the jobs and they are selling this region every day. So we are enabling them with resources to really sell Northeast Indiana as a wonderful community full of great quality of life amenities and a great cost of living and wonderful opportunities.”

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Kate Virag, Vice President of Marketing & Strategic Communications
Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership