Request to Have Temporary Electric Service Installed 


Step 1:

Please make a request for new electric service installation, call 1-844-809-8921. Place the order with a customer service representative for the appropriate address. PLEASE NOTE: There will be a charge for a temporary electric service.

Step 2:

The following documents will need to be returned before an engineer can begin the design of your temporary service:

PLEASE NOTE: If you use Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox as your web browser, please download and attach the completed form in an email to


Step 3:

Your Responsibilities

  • Mark all private underground facilities
    • (sprinklers, septic, etc.)
  • Land or Lot is within 6" of final grade
  • Clear path for routing of gas and electric lines
  • Proposed meter location free of obstructions
  • Notifying your engineer when the site is ready
  • Electric or Gas load sheet
  • Buried Hazards form
  • Payments (if applicable)
  • Inspections (if applicable)
Your engineer will continue to work with you through this process. Additionally, an engineer may require a Right of Way agreement and easement. Please refer to the Your Responsibility checklist as you prepare the site for readiness. Also be sure to refer to the Installation Requirements and Standards during this time. Contact your engineer when all site readiness requirements have been completed.


Step 4:

After the site readiness has been confirmed and all necessary payments received (if applicable), the engineer will release this project to be scheduled for construction.

PLEASE NOTE: The scheduled date may be recalculated if one or more of the site readiness requirements have been altered, or due to emergencies and inclement weather.