Multi-Family Direct Install Program

NIPSCO’s Multi-Family Direct Install (MFDI) Program is designed to help property owners and managers of multi-family housing take action to improve the energy efficiency of their community and help lower energy bills.   

What building owners can expect:

In the tenant units

A program advisor will provide a report with recommendations for energy efficient upgrades. During a follow up visit, a program approved contractor may then install some or all of the following energy efficient measures in the residential units at no cost to the building owner or tenants:

  • LED lightbulbs
  • Thermostats
  • Energy efficient faucet aerators
  • Energy efficient shower heads
  • Water heater pipe wrap

In the building common areas

There may be more savings to be found throughout the common areas of your property such as community rooms, hallways and laundry rooms. A program advisor will also do a walk-through of these areas and provide a no-cost detailed report that will:

  • Identify viable energy saving opportunities
  • Estimate energy savings and project costs
  • Provide a list of applicable NIPSCO rebates

Common area measures are incentivized through NIPSCO’s Small Business Direct Install (SBDI) Program. See a full list of eligible measures*.

Resources to notify customers

Posters, door hangers, email templates and more will be provided for building management to assist in notifying tenants of the upcoming energy efficiency upgrades.


Does your community qualify?

  • Multi-family buildings must have three or more adjoined units with active NIPSCO residential electric and/or natural gas service to qualify for this program.
  • The building must be more than five years old and not received a utility sponsored energy assessment in the past three years.
  • Building common areas are eligible if the building is served under NIPSCO electric rates 720, 721, 722 or 723 and has not had a billing demand of 200 kW or greater in any month during the previous 12 months. Eligible NIPSCO natural gas customers are those served under rates 121, 125 or 151 (NIPSCO’s DependaBill rate).
  • Eligibility to receive SBDI measures, recommended in the whole building energy assessment, is dictated by SBDI Program rules.

Get started today

Contact Lockheed Martin Energy at 1-800-721-7385 or by email at to schedule your no-cost assessment.

*Accounts that qualify for the SBDI Program are eligible to receive incentives that help partially cover the cost of purchasing energy efficient equipment installed in common areas. Please see our eligibility information for more details.

NIPSCO’s energy efficiency programs are administered by Lockheed Martin Energy, a third-party implementation specialist that helps save energy.

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