Infrastructure Modernization Plan

Strengthening vital energy infrastructure


Much like the country's focus on addressing aging roads, highways, bridges and transportation infrastructure, NIPSCO is embarking on a plan to modernize and replace essential parts of our electric infrastructure over the next decade and beyond.

A simlar plan has been developed to modernize our natural gas system in an effort to maintain safety, reliability and access to low cost natural prices for the future.

Our Electric and Natural Gas Infrastructure Modernization Plans proactively tackles these critical areas before becoming problematic. The plan was developed with input and review from internal and external sources and takes a long-term look at the best approach for prioritizing and identifying system investments that will provide direct benefits to homes and businesses in northern Indiana.

The plans must be reviewed and approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC). Please stay tuned to this page for updates.

Customer Benefits

  • Helps ensure a continued safe and reliable system for the future
  • Identifies and eliminates recurring system failures
  • Maintains the overall safety and integrity of NIPSCO’s natural gas system
  • Provides the ability to continue delivering low-cost natural gas options to customers  
  • Supports the creation of several hundred direct and indirect jobs
  • Supports new business expansion


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