Schools/Educational Institutions Custom Electric Incentive Program

For Existing Facilities

  •  Retrofit of existing equipment/systems
  • Replacement of existing equipment/systems

This new program is designed to offer financial incentives to qualifying large Commercial, Industrial, Non-Profit, Government and Institutional customers for the completion of cost-effective energy projects involving the installation of new, high-efficiency equipment or systems.

NIPSCO has partnered with Franklin Energy Services, LLC, an industry leader, specializing in the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy programs for utilities and states, to administer the program.

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What type of projects qualify?

Under the new program, Commercial and Industrial customers planning to upgrade or invest in a new energy efficiency project(s) will receive a rebate based on the amount of kilowatt hours (kWh) estimated to be saved by the installation of the new equipment or systems.

Projects, which are designed by the customer, may consist of retrofitting or replacing existing electric systems, including lighting, HVAC, compressed air, refrigeration, food service, motors, data center and IT systems and other projects resulting in incremental electrical energy savings. Facility construction or major renovation may also qualify for incentives.

Who Qualifies

  • Any business or non-profit organization served under NIPSCO electric tariffs 623, 624, 625, 626, 632, 633, 636, 644, 645, 647.
  • Do not begin the project until approved. Project approval is required before incentive eligibility will be granted.
  • Submitting the Request for Approval Application does not guarantee an incentive will be approved.
  • Incentives are based on electricity reductions in kWh through qualified efficiency improvements:
    • For all lighting projects: $0.09/kWh
    • For all other projects: $0.09/kWh
  • Energy reductions must be documented with auditable calculations.
  • Simple payback without incentive must be one (1) year or greater.
  • Complete Terms and Conditions may be found on the application form.

How to Apply

Step 1 - pdf Request for Approval Application Form 
Customers must be served under NIPSCO electric demand tariffs.  Project descriptions, including basic information, must be submitted to NIPSCO for review and approval before qualifying for the incentive.

Step 2 - NIPSCO Reviews Application Form
Upon receipt of your Request for Approval Application form, NIPSCO will determine if your project qualifies and contact you 3 business days to discuss next steps, and 20 business days to confirm or reject application.

Step 3 – pdf Custom Installation Agreement
This form must be completed completed and returned within 7 business days prior to beginning any work.

Step 4 – Complete Your Approved Project
Project must be completed within 90 days of the date provided on the acceptance letter.

Step 5  pdf Completion Form
This form must be submitted within 30 days of the project installation.

Trade Ally Information

All suppliers, firms, or trade allies involved in the installation of new, high-efficiency equipment or systems need to complete and submit the pdf Trade Ally Information Application.

Have Questions?

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