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NIPSCO cannot provide a DependaBill quote to customers that meet any of the following quote exceptions:

  • Only customers who currently receive gas service from NIPSCO may enroll on DependaBill
  • Customer already has an existing quote which hasn't expired
  • Insufficient usage history
  • No predictable usage pattern
  • Natural gas service is shutoff or pending shutoff
  • Multiple meter accounts with one or more meters ineligible
  • Quote significantly higher (2.5 times) or lower (one-half) than the budget plan
  • Shut off for non-payment in last twelve months
  • Poor credit history
  • Currently enrolled with Choice, PPS, or DependaBill 

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By clicking on the SUBMIT button, you will receive a DependaBill quote unless you meet any of the exceptions listed above. If you choose to enroll after reviewing your quote, you can enroll by signing and returning the enrollment form, or by calling 1-800-448-2026