The Sierra Club is very enthusiastic about working with NIPSCO leading the way with the implementation of a Feed-in tariff and net metering expansion – particularly for wind, solar, hydro and sustainable bio-mass. We feel that this will put Indiana on the map as a model for distributed renewable generation in the Midwest while also creating good jobs in the renewable power sector.

Steve Francis, State Chairperson of the Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club

Helping You Get Connected!

If you already own, or plan to purchase a solar, wind, hydro or biomass system, you may be eligible to sell the power you generate back to NIPSCO.

We offer two program options aimed at promoting further renewable generation opportunities in northern Indiana and responding to customers’ interest in powering their homes and businesses with renewable energy projects.  In addition to contributing to environmental sustainability, these programs help slow the need for NIPSCO to invest in additional power resources, as the demand for energy continues to rise.

NOTE: Availability is limited.

Process To Install/Connect Your Equipment

The following information will assist you with the interconnection process. The level and type of interconnection will vary with the type of customer and the size of the generator.

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STEP 1 – Research
Customers are encouraged to research the interconnection process to understand all requirements (including potential municipal restrictions, building and zoning requirements, insurance requirements, safety regulations, application fees, installation, electrical requirements, etc.).


STEP 2 – Submit Application
Customer submits interconnection application:

STEP 3 – Technical Review
NIPSCO reviews application and provides next steps.
A technical review is conducted to determine if the project can move forward, or if an additional study is needed to determine the impact to the broader electric distribution system.  This additional study may be required before moving to the next step.

STEP 4 – Complete Necessary Agreements
Customer signs applicable Interconnection Agreement:

  • Rider 679 - Interconnection Standards 

STEP 5 – Approvals & Construction
Once all approvals are complete, construction begins and meters are installed. Customers have 12 months from the time of approval to complete the project.

You're Connected!

Option 1 – Net Metering: Receive energy credits on your bill for the amount of power you generate
The net metering program is designed to allow customers to generate their own electricity from renewable energy to offset their individual usage each month.  It’s called Net Metering.  We can install one meter capable of measuring energy you are consuming as well as measuring the amount you are generating.  If you generate more than what you need, you’ll receive energy credits that can be applied to future usage. 

Here are a few additional program details:

  • Must be an existing NIPSCO electric customer
  • Must be wind, solar or new hydroelectric projects
  • Credit is applied to your bill, offsets individual usage
  • Available to all NIPSCO electric customers
  • Supports generation projects up to 1 megawatt (MW)
  • Interconnection agreement and Net Metering agreement is required
  • Customer is responsible for interconnection fees and installation costs
  • Customer is responsible for maintenance of the generating device and interconnection wiring 

Option 2 – Feed-in Tariff: Receive a check for the amount of energy you generate
The feed-in tariff program is very similar to the net metering program.  However, this option provides a sell-back opportunity for the customer.  You can receive a check from NIPSCO for the amount of electricity you generate from your renewable energy project.

Here are a few additional program details:

  • Must be an existing NIPSCO electric customer
  • Must be wind, solar,  new hydroelectric or sustainable biomass projects
  • Available to all NIPSCO electric customers
  • Supports generation projects from 5kW-5MW
  • Interconnection agreement and Power Purchase agreement is required
  • Customer is responsible for interconnection fees and installation costs
  • Customer is responsible for maintenance of the generating device and interconnection wiring
  • Receive payment for the amount of energy generated:
    • Wind ≤ 100kW: $0.17/kWh
    • Wind 101kW-2MW: $0.10/kWh
    • Solar ≤ 10kW: $0.30/kWh
    • Solar 11kW-2MW: $0.26/kWh
    • Biomass ≤ 5MW: $0.106/kWh
    • New Hydro ≤ 1MW: $0.12/kWh

Large or Independent Power Producer

Customers Connecting to 69,000 Volt or Larger Transmission Circuit

Large or Independent Power Producer customers wanting to connect generation to a transmission circuit, 69,000 volt or above, must utilize the interconnection process of the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (MISO).  This procedure is required because NIPSCO’s transmission system is under functional control of MISO. Please visit the MISO web site for detailed interconnection procedures and an interconnection application.


We understand that the interconnection process can be complex, but we’re here to help.  If you have any questions about the process, or other questions related to renewable energy, please contact:

E-mail –

Renewable Energy Toolbox:

FAQs – Answer questions about how to quality, electricity calculations and interconnection requirements

Engineering Standards – Requirements and guidelines for interconnection of customer owned, (DR) Distributed Resource (DR) generation source, to NIPSCO’s electric system

Tariffs – Approved rates & charges and rules & regulations

Indiana Administrative Code – Instructions for cogeneration and alternate energy production facilities

Service Area – Breakdown of gas and electric service categories