Your Safety is Important

We want you to be safe.  By knowing how to use natural gas and electricity safely, you can also help ensure the safety and wellbeing of our customers and communities.

Outage Center
Be sure you know the keys to safety when a storm hits or an outage occurs in your area. Report and view outages here.

Electrical Safety
Always assume that downed powerlines are live, and be sure to follow important rules of safety when working around powerlines.

Gas Safety
Natural gas is odorless, but we add a scent so you can detect if there’s a leak in your home.  Take these immediate actions if you smell gas.

First Responders
Helpful information and safety tips for emergency responders.

For Kids
It’s never too early to warn kids about the dangers of gas and electricity. Educate them on some tips to always keep in mind.

Impersonators and Scams
Know a NIPSCO employee from an impersonator, and what to do if you suspect suspicious activity.

Energy Theft
Unauthorized use of energy is unsafe and illegal. Know how to protect yourself.


Meter Safety
Always maintain clear access and visibility to your meter.  Learn why.