How to Read Your Meter

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If you wish to provide us with a meter reading there’s an easy way to check how much energy you’ve used. Your meter is typically attached to the outside of your home or building. Use the helpful steps below when submitting an actual reading

Reading Your Gas Meter

  1. Always begin with the dial to the far right, reading right to left.
  2. Record the last number the pointer has passed, even if the pointer has almost reached the next number.
  3. Follow the same procedure for each dial. Note that as you move from right to left each dial rotates in the direction opposite the one before it. If the first dial rotates clockwise, the next will rotate counterclockwise, the third clockwise and so on.
  4. The four or five digit number you record is all we need to measure your energy use for the month.
Gas Type Meter

  • When a pointer is between numbers on any dial, always read the smaller number.
  • Notice that the pointer of each dial moves in the direction shown by the arrow on the dial.
  • A complete cycle of each dial causes the pointer of the next dial to the left to advance from one number to the next. It is similar to your car's odometer.
  • Many meters have extra dials, sometimes labeled "test dials". These dials are not used to record your meter reading.
  • Record the readings on the dials of your meter carefully in the same order that the dials appear on your meter.
  • If you have a remote meter index, reading your meter is easy because the actual reading appears on the face of the index.

Reading Your Electric Meter

  1. The digital display on your AMR meter shows the consumption reading for your home or business in kilowatt hours (kWh).