Features of DependaBill include:

  • Customized for you based on your gas usage history and the historical temperatures in your area.
  • The fixed payment will remain the same for the 12-month term and includes all program fees.
  • There is no interim adjustment or end-of-year settle-up due to usage or gas prices.
  • DependaBill guarantees a fixed monthly bill, but does not guarantee savings.
  • Easy to enroll by phone
  • DependaBill is for metered natural gas only and does not include electric charges.
  • Indiana sales tax will be charged in addition to the monthly amount.
  • A termination fee will apply if the DependaBill contract is canceled early.

Consider the Benefits

No adjustments due to market conditions
This is especially important during times of volatile energy prices. With the DependaBill program you pay the same amount on your gas bill every month.

No adjustments due to weather
While weather conditions can cause energy demand and prices to increase, your monthly gas bill remains fixed and predictable for one year.

No year-end reconciliation that impacts your budget
Because your monthly DependaBill amount is calculated based on your past energy usage, there is no need to reconcile, or ‘true up’ your account at the end of the year.

No winter weather price spikes
Energy prices can increase significantly during the winter months when rising demand puts a strain on supply. No matter the weather, your monthly gas bill stays the same.